A succulent, gourmet, spit roast is a delicious and satisfying way to feed a crowd, cater for your party, or function; with meat prepared and on the spit ready to cook. Whether you’re hiring a spit for the first time or planning your latest dinner party, we can help.

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How Much Will it Cost?

Meat (Required)

  • Boneless Meat (Beef, Lamb, or Pork): $20/kg

  • Lamb: $20/kg (Minimum 18kg)

  • Suckling Pig: $20/kg (Minimum 15kg)

We recommend 300 grams per person for a serving. In which case 15kg would serve roughly 50 people.

These prices are likely to change as the market price of meat fluctuates, we calculate the cost of meat when we provide a quote.

Spit Hire: $132

Non-refundable and is payable before spit leaves the premises.

Spit Hire Deposit: $150

The deposit is essential to secure your spit and is refunded once the spit is returned and in good condition.

Gas Bottle (Optional): $38.50

Or you can supply your own.

Cleaning (Optional): $55

We can clean the spit for you and this will be deducted from the refundable deposit upon return. Otherwise the spit needs to be returned clean. Please inform us ahead of time if you would like this service.


How Much Meat Will I Need?

We recommend 300 grams per person. This takes into account other food such as salads and bread rolls being served with the meat.

We also have Spit Hire Packages starting at $500 which feed 50 – 60 people. See spit packages


Spit Collection

Spit Hire is available by collection & return only. Please ensure you have a box trailer or a ute with adequate securing material (rope / tie-downs).

Spit pickup is from 5/47 archer street, carlisle

Spit collection must be before 1:00pm on a Saturday and returned by Monday, unless other arrangements are agreed to

Spit hire is generally done on the weekend so you’ll need to contact us if you require bookings during the week.


Spit Dimensions

  • Length: 2 Metres.
  • Width: 0.7 Metres.
  • Height: 1 Metre.

Spit Hire Packages

(serves 50 To 60 People)

Whole Lamb Spit

  • Whole Lamb (20kg)
  • Bread rolls
  • 2.4kg Gravy tub (makes 20L)
  • Cleaning upon return.


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Boneless Meat Turner

  • Choose either Beef, Lamb, or Pork (15kg Boneless)
  • Bread rolls
  • 2.4kg Gravy tub (makes 20L)
  • Cleaning upon return.


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Suckling Pig on a Pole

  • Whole Pig (20kg)
  • Bread rolls
  • 2.4kg Gravy tub (makes 20L)
  • Cleaning upon return.


Please note this package price is based on a 20kg pig. For pigs larger than 20kg it is an extra $20 per kg

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Can I Hire Your Spit And Supply My Own Meat?

No, unfortunately this is not an option so that we can reduce the chance of damage occurring to the spits during meat attachment.


How Far Ahead Should I Book?

Bookings should be made a few weeks prior to the date the spit is required. For special events such as Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and sporting events, you may need to book months in advance. The best advice to avoid disappointment is book as soon as your event date is set!


Setting Up The Spit

WA Exclusive Meats will secure the meat to the rod ready for cooking. All you have to do is plug an electrical extension cord into the rotisserie motor and connect up a standard 9kg BBQ gas bottle for cooking. All this is explained again when you pick up the spit.


How To Cook The Meat

We usually recommend 3.5 to 4 hours cooking time at 180 to 200 degrees celsius. We advise customers to use a cooking thermometer to check the temperature during cooking. More information will be given specific to your meat at time of pickup.


Cleaning The Spit

Cleaning is very straight forward. We recommend cleaning the spit as soon as possible after cooking, or at least soak it in hot soapy water immediately after use. Cleaning is optional, refer to The Important Part below.

We offer to clean for $55 and this will be deducted from the refundable deposit.


Payment Options

You can pay with cash or credit card at our premises. Alternatively, we can process credit card payments over the phone. We don’t accept online payment through the website.


The Important Part!

  1. Deposit of $150 is essential and refundable once the spit(s) has/have been returned in good working condition and cleaned thoroughly (unless the cleaning service has been requested, in which case the cost of cleaning will be deducted from the returned deposit.)
  2. All parts supplied with spit hire, must be returned to WA Exclusive Meats in the same same condition as you received. Repair costs for any damage to spit or parts will be charged directly to the hirer’s credit card or payable by cash upon return of the equipment.


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