With three generations of Butchers our family has been serving the community for over 80 years with our first shop opening in 1933

We are a local and environmentally conscious Perth butcher with community values offering quality meats and friendly efficient service. We support Western Australian farmers and growers by sourcing only locally produced meats, Chicken, and Turkey. Our chosen suppliers provide us with organic and growth stimulant free goods which we carefully prepare for you, your family, and your friends.

We are located in Carlisle and serve our local community as well as restaurants, cafes and small goods stores through wholesale. We can also deliver to your business, to the country, and even remote areas including the Goldfields and Pilbura!

Meat the Guys

Brett Symonds

Brett Symonds

Shan Symonds

Shan Symonds

Christian Symonds

Christian Symonds

Our History

"Good ol' Alby Gibson"

The art of being a butcher is passed down from generation to generation. Each generation learning from the past and bringing their own knowledge. Our family history alone starts in 1933 when we set up shop in Bunbury. With history like this we know quality meat, and how to prepare it the right way for the best tastes.


Our first family store was founded in 1933 in Constitution Street, Bunbury. The shop was built and owned by Albert "Alby" Gibson, Brett's grand father.

By 1940 the store had become so popular that Alby couldn't keep up with demand. He submitted plans to the council for an expansion but they were denied. Having none of this, the Gibson family took photos of the patrons waiting in line outside the shop and proved to the council that the upgrades were necessary. With the plans now approved the Gibson's spent their weekends making bricks by hand to expand the store.

Patrons waiting outside the original Butcher shop on Constitution Street, 1940

Family Built, Owned, and Run

All of Alby's daughters — including Brett's mother — worked in the Bunbury butcher shop at one point or another, contributing to the family business. This was to become the standard as our future generations would spend their summer holidays learning the family trade.

Left to Right: Dot Hosking, Elaine Hosking, John Bloggs, Ollie May, Melva Symonds (Brett's Mother). Standing in front of the original butcher shop on Constitution Street.

From Left to Right: Albert 'Alby' Gibson, Lurline Gibson, Ollie Gibson, Melva Gibson, Ted Gibson, Clarice Gibson (Front)

Clockwise From Top Right: Albert 'Alby' Gibson, Daughter; Ollie Gibson, Daughter; Melva Gibson, Son; Harry Gibson, Daughter; Elaine Gibson, Daughter; Lurline Gibson, Centre; Clarice Gibson

Brett's Apprenticeship, 1970

Following in the footsteps of his forefather Brett began studying to become a Butcher. His apprenticeship was at the Butcher shop in Talbot Avenue in Como where he spent 4 years honing the craft.

Brett Symonds looking sharp outside the Butcher shop on Talbot Avenue, Como. (1970)

Kensington Meat Supply

“There are four magpies at Kensington who know which side their bread is buttered. They have a round of their own, and one of the people on the round is Moresby Street butcher Brett Symonds, who gets regular visits from the birds, and dashes out with a bit of mince when he hears them cawing outside the door. In the picture he is feeding one of them last week— Local Newspaper

27 year old Brett Symonds is featured in the local newspaper feeding magpies at the Kensington shop where he worked for 2 years.

Newspaper clipping featuring Brett Symonds while working at the butcher shop in Kensington.

The Old Shop Today

Elaine & Melva revisiting the shop where it all began.

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