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WA Exclusive Meats sell only Western Australian farmed meats, chicken and turkey including a variety of free range poultry and free range pork. Our products are free range and biodynamic, free from artificial and antiobiotic growth promotants. We believe in helping you keep your family and friends happy, healthy, and well fed.

We are very proud of the products that we source from our carefully chosen suppliers.

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Some of Our Best Suppliers

Killara Open Range Pork

Produced near Boyup Brook in the South West of W.A.

Killara Open Range Pork is part of a family farming operation situated near Boyup Brook in the South West of W.A. The pigs are outside in grassy paddocks all year round, with shelter from the elements in Summer and Winter. The pigs graze on various grasses and eat when they choose from feeders containing high quality feed grown on the farm.

Killara Open Range Pork has an Australian Pork Quality Assurance program in place which addresses animal welfare, and certifies the quality of the meat.

Killara Open Range Pork is a firm, yet juicy meat with delicious flavours. Come in and try it for yourself!

Due to the popularity of Killara Open Range Pork our stock is subject to availability!

Dandaragan Organic Beef

“As Western Australia’s largest producer of certified organic beef, we supply top quality, grass fed and grass finished beef without the use of hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. At Dandaragan Organic Beef we believe in treating our cattle with respect, working in harmony with the land and delivering a sustainable product that is both healthy and tasty.”

Green Valley Lamb’s

“Three generations of Crosby farmers are committed to producing sustainably. As passionate stewards of the land, they work hard to leave waterways, vegetation and soils in better condition for future generations. It’s all about family, good animal welfare, contributing to the local community, and ensuring that farming is economically viable for future generations.”

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